Thursday, December 12, 2013


Hi guys... here is a play by play update for the Loren's Annual Friends and Family Greeting Card Design 2013. Well, the new design was completed on paper and then scanned into the computer to be tweaked some, a couple days ago. I had to make changes from my original idea because it would not fit in the envelope! ARRGGHH!!  I had to spend quite a bit of time making prototypes and moving things around.  Finally, I was satisfied that it was done and I took the new card design to the printer yesterday. Joe, my printer guy, printed them up really nice for me.  They came out
Holy cow...I spent all afternoon and evening yesterday cutting the printed design out of card stock.  After I finished the cutting my hands were killing me.  (I think I have arthritis) The living room was filled with tiny papers and card stock everywhere. UGGHH!! Nevertheless, I managed to get them all done before getting blisters.  After cutting them, I had to put 3 colors of glitter glue on each one.  This took a couple of hours, as well. So, at the end of the evening, I had greeting cards laid out flat and drying everywhere I could find in the living room.  I realized that I still had two more steps to go before I could start writing them out!
Today I spent 2 hours cutting shapes out of the design with an exacto knife.  I now unfortunately, have a blister on my finger!  I thought I was going to stress out over the cutting with the knife because it just seemed like it would never end.  Ultimately, I got the cutting completed and now knew I still had to score the design in two places to fold them.  More hand work.  And I need to write each one out and write out the envelopes.
I thought about abandoning the card altogether, however I had done so much work already, I couldn't give up now. So I stuck with it and now I am almost done and coming down the home stretch.  I anticipate getting them completed over the weekend and mailed out by Monday.  Wheeww... I hope I have enough time to mail them so they will arrive by Christmas Day?
So, this is the update for the new design and I am including a peek-a-boo photo, so you can just get a glimpse of the design.
Stay tuned for the design to be revealed next week. I hope you will think it is something special?  My fingers are crossed.

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