Monday, December 23, 2013


Hey's time to reveal the new Christmas Card Design for 2013.  The cards have all been sent out and hopefully opened by now, so I can show you what I have been up to!

This design was inspired by a expression that my Gram who passed away last year,  would often say when she was confused or trying to focus on something.  She would get mildly frustrated and say, "Wait, wait. I'm all balled up!" I always thought it was so funny when she would say it.   I never knew exactly what she meant when I was growing up, but now I surely do and so does this 'funny snowman'.

The card design was created by hand with black ink.  It was then scanned into the computer and the colors were added to it. I really struggled to get all of the elements to look right and also fit into an envelope at the same time.  I shuffled some things around, cut and paste and found a good place for everything. This 'funny guy' was then cleaned up some and printed out onto card stock to check it out. When all was good, I took them to my printer guy 'Joe' who had me email a copy of the file to him. He printed them out, all on one side on white card stock. They were waiting for me when I picked them up and they looked so cute all in one stack. Now I knew I had to get a move on. 

I knew I had to get down to work because I did not have much time to get them completed and mailed out, too.  I began by cutting them out all the way around the image with scissors leaving a small white border. Little papers were everywhere.  Next I scored and folded them into 3 panels.  The first panel reads, 'I've been a snowman all my life...' The second reads 'but this Christmas has me...' The third reads, 'all balled up! and 'Happy Holidays to you!'  It's kind of confusing to write it out this way, so looking at the photos will surely help.  The card was finally adorned with some colored glitter then left to dry.  When they were done, I started to address them and put them in the envelopes.

Everything about this 'funny snowman' but his hat and one boot is dishelved and out of place.  I thought that this truly reflects what my Gram was saying when she felt overwhelmed.  I know my family and friends and those who knew Gram will surely know what this card is about.  So the next time you get confused or frustrated, just say out loud or to yourself, "I'm all balled up!"  Maybe you will remember this card?

Below are some more photos...

Well, I hope you like this year's design and find that it ranks somewhere up at the top?  Feel free to leave a comment.  I'd love to read what you think.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

Thursday, December 12, 2013


Hi guys... here is a play by play update for the Loren's Annual Friends and Family Greeting Card Design 2013. Well, the new design was completed on paper and then scanned into the computer to be tweaked some, a couple days ago. I had to make changes from my original idea because it would not fit in the envelope! ARRGGHH!!  I had to spend quite a bit of time making prototypes and moving things around.  Finally, I was satisfied that it was done and I took the new card design to the printer yesterday. Joe, my printer guy, printed them up really nice for me.  They came out
Holy cow...I spent all afternoon and evening yesterday cutting the printed design out of card stock.  After I finished the cutting my hands were killing me.  (I think I have arthritis) The living room was filled with tiny papers and card stock everywhere. UGGHH!! Nevertheless, I managed to get them all done before getting blisters.  After cutting them, I had to put 3 colors of glitter glue on each one.  This took a couple of hours, as well. So, at the end of the evening, I had greeting cards laid out flat and drying everywhere I could find in the living room.  I realized that I still had two more steps to go before I could start writing them out!
Today I spent 2 hours cutting shapes out of the design with an exacto knife.  I now unfortunately, have a blister on my finger!  I thought I was going to stress out over the cutting with the knife because it just seemed like it would never end.  Ultimately, I got the cutting completed and now knew I still had to score the design in two places to fold them.  More hand work.  And I need to write each one out and write out the envelopes.
I thought about abandoning the card altogether, however I had done so much work already, I couldn't give up now. So I stuck with it and now I am almost done and coming down the home stretch.  I anticipate getting them completed over the weekend and mailed out by Monday.  Wheeww... I hope I have enough time to mail them so they will arrive by Christmas Day?
So, this is the update for the new design and I am including a peek-a-boo photo, so you can just get a glimpse of the design.
Stay tuned for the design to be revealed next week. I hope you will think it is something special?  My fingers are crossed.

Sunday, December 8, 2013


(c) Loren Fidalgo 2011

Hey guys...Well it is that time of year again and you might know what that means?  If you follow my other blog MIND GIGGLES, you will have the scoop on the Annual Friends and Family Christmas Card Design?  If you do not know, click here and  here and here to get the skinny on how I create these cards and how I come up with the ideas.  In previous years, I have made pop-ups, Christmas tree ornaments out of aluminum, mobiles, swinging trees, snowflakes and rubberstamped designs just to name a few. 
'POP-OUT" FRIENDLY SNOWMAN      Blank inside    2005
(c) Loren Fidalgo 2005

Every year, I try to create this handmade 'gem' of a Christmas card that goes out to my all my friends and family.  I have been doing this since around 1987-88.  I have to check on that to be sure.  The design is always a challenge to create because I have to create something better than I did the previous years.  I put a lot of pressure on the concept and idea of the card design.  The bar is always set high by everyone and myself, so they will be thrilled and excited when they open the envelope. They have to experience the 'MIND GIGGLE".  Receivers of these cards say that they know that it is indeed 'The Holiday Season' and Christmas is on it's way when they get the card in the mail.  As my brother Ken puts it." It is like the very well known window designs at Macy's in New York City, at Christmas time.  When they go up, you know Christmas is near."
'SNOWMEN ARE REAL COOL DUDES'               (inside) 'so you be a cool dude, too!'       2006
(c) Loren Fidalgo 2006

As I have mentioned, each year the designs have been such a stressor a lot of pressure and they wear me out!  I 'hunker down' for 3-5 days and just go to town, cutting, gluing, folding, scoring, paper punching and coloring,  There are usually little papers all over the floor that I track around the house, but I don't care at the moment. I am in the 'zone' and a woman on a mission.  As I say each year, "I am not going to do one this year, I ultimately feel compelled like something greater than me, has to get them done and sent out on time no matter how I feel.  Some times I don't feel in the Christmas spirit. I'm feeling tired, low energy and just have some seasonal 'mood problems'.  But each year as the date for completion comes closer, I ramp up my creative drive , and I put it in 'high gear' because it has become such a family tradition.  I ask myself, "Would snoopy not decorate his dog house, if he was in a 'low mood'?"  No way!  " Would Santa not deliver the presents on Christmas Eve because he is 'too tired?  Absolutely, not. They journey and carry on." So I have to say, "Let the game begin!"
THIS SEASON LET'S CELEBRATE...   ( inside) World Peace!  1998
(c) Loren Fidalgo 1998

So, you might be wondering, "do I have an idea for this year yet?"  Well, I am happy to report, that "I am almost there."  I am so excited about it and I hope the final design looks as good as I have created in my mind. You can read here to see how I came up with an idea for past card design. I will be posting glimpses of sketches, mock-ups and prototypes that I use to help generate the final design, however I don't want to give away the idea, until the card is in the mail.  Timing is everything.  This year's design will be something inspired from my much missed Gram who passed away last year.  In this card design, her memory will live on especially, at Christmas time.
(c) Loren Fidalgo 2012                    

Keep following along on this blog and my MING GIGGLES blog to see the evolution of the Annual Friends and Family Christmas Card Design take shape.

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Hey guys...I am going bonkers with nerves tonight. By the time you read this, I will be attending an all day intensive art licensing workshop. There will be 7 other women and fellow artists as well. I do not know any of them.  The trip takes an hour to get there and I am so-so with the driving directions.  I am so excited and so nervous at the same time!  I have no idea what to expect and the anticipation has got me all tangled up.  I have never done this type of thing before so, I am bracing myself for the all day experience.

The woman who is holding this event is an artist named Tara Reed.  I don't know her, however I have read her art licensing blog a few times and I have seen a small bit of her work.  Her blog is excellent and chock full of information about the art licensing industry.  If you are interested in licensing your art, you have to read her blog!  She covers everything you can think of and all aspects of licensing and you will surely find a lot of answers to your questions. I highly recommend reading as much as you can.  You might wonder why I have only read the blog a few times? The answer is complex and complicated. I was out of the art licensing pursuit for a couple of years. You can check out my licensing website at  and my MIND GIGGLES blog at  Without going into too much detail here in this post, you can read more aboit it here, I believe that after my head injury and my sudden obsession with painting, I needed to focus on that for some time to develop my skills and see where it led me. Also, I was becoming uncertain as to how I wanted to proceed since I was not having too much success finding an agent. It has only been recently that I wanted to get back into the pursuit of licensing my art and paintings.  I am attending this workshop to see if art licensing will work for me with this new medium of painting and whether I need to get an agent or not?  I will write more about this when I get back from the workshop. I don't know what will happen tomorrow and where my mind and heart will be.  I hope I come away with a clear direction and path to take the future of my art career.  Wish me well.


Friday, November 8, 2013


'The Cross Of Life'   
Hello guys... just a heads up that there are more 'Petite Painting' necklaces recently featured in my etsy shop  What are 'Petite Paintings'?  They are miniature, petite fine art oil paintings that you can wear as art.  Each necklace has it's own unique title.  They are sealed with 3 coats of a durable sealer and then sealed with 2 coats gloss polyurethane.
'Figures Engaged'

If you are looking for a unique gift for Christmas, these necklaces will definitely fit the bill.  The price for these necklaces are only $20.00 each and they will surely be a interesting gift for someone who likes unique, innovative and clever things.  These will also be great for the creative person who loves to be a 'stand out' or simply wants to make a statement.  If you wear this necklace people will make comments like "What is that?" and Where did you get that necklace?"   
'Green Shadow'

Just a note:  If you would like to purchase a necklace, I offer gift boxes along with the display card that accompanies the necklace.  The display card has all important information and it makes it easy to wrap up if you prefer to not use a gift box.  They can be wiped clean however, they should not be submerged into water or worn in the shower. 
'On My Way'
I will be listing more necklaces before Christmas so keep checking back on etsy to see what is new.  Click on over to etsy and have a peek
'Distressed Experience'

Monday, November 4, 2013


Hey's time for a 'on my easel' painting to be featured on my blog.  This is where I share with you the how's and why's of how I paint my paintings.

This posts painting is titled,  'The bombs bursting in air 9 11'.  This painting is 24x30 and oil on canvas.

The Bombs bursting in air  9 11    2013        oil on canvas   24x30       (c) Loren Fidalgo
When I first began this painting, it was totally abstract and there were no recognizeable images.  As I was making the curve on the left side and making the circle below it, I began to see a face on the canvas looking back at me through the palette knife marks I had made..   I decided to try to reveal what was beneath the marks and realized the face looked like myself.  It was becoming a self portrait of sorts and I knew I felt that I needed to follow the image and see where it led me.  After I unearthed the portrait, I began to see that the image was weeping with blood red tears below her left eye.  I stroked the paint down from the face with a palette knife and the tears just poured out of it's eyes.  I was not sure what was happening with the painting. I also started to recognize long painted strokes that seemed to be shooting out of the forehead of the face that resembled The Statue of Liberty which was weeping with tears pouring out from her eyes.  Then out of somewhere in my consciousness, I recognized the tall building in the background where I had stenciled some square patterned shapes on the surface, It looked as if there were fire and smoke coming out of the stenciled windows. I knew that was not an abstract painting any longer. The painting began to open itself up to me as The Statue of Liberty weeping as the towers burned and then ultimately fell to the ground.  You can say that this was not a 'happy' painting.
I was also stunned at what I had created on the canvas.  It was not planned nor was it intentional.  It just flowed out of my hand and brush and onto the canvas without consciously thinking about it.  If you might ask," how did I really create this experience in this painting"?  I can only tell you, "I do not know" What I do know is that something was channeling through me about the horror and sadness of that day 9 11 and it appeared on my painting. I was just the vechile and I had to paint it on the canvas.

Thanks for reading this post.  Please feel free to leave comments or messages.  It's greatly appreciated. 
If you are interested in a print of this painting, please contact me through the message box on the left side bar of this blog.  If for some reason you can not leave a message, you can leave one at my etsy shop

Monday, October 28, 2013


Hey guys...
I've been listing my large 24 x30 abstract paintings in my etsy shop and they are currently for sale.  Most of these paintings are featured in my 'abstract' art portfolio page, however I will post a few here so you can view them more quickly if you would like to.  If you would like to purchase a painting, please click on this link  Here you can find more 24 x30 paintings than are featured here in this post.
'Thoughts Spinning Round And Round'    24x30    oil on canvas   2013  (c) Loren Fidalgo

'Stepping In And Out Of Life'   24x30  oil on canvas   2012   (c) Loren Fidalgo

'Path To Enlightment'     24x30     oil on canvas     2013     (c) Loren Fidalgo

'Blue Mood'    24x30          oil on canvas      2013        (c) Loren Fidalgo     

'Finding My Way'      24x30      oil on canvas        2013         (c) Loren Fidalgo

"Beginning Again'     24x30      oil on canvas     2012        (c)  Loren Fidalgo

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my larger paintings.  Don't forget to click on link if you are interested in purchasing a painting.  Please leave a comment if you would like to.

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Last Tuesday night,  I was leaving my painting class at Fleisher Art Memorial and drove onto Spruce Street to make my way home.  As I approached the light at Broad Street and Spruce Street, I slowly glanced over to my left as I always did at that stop. Now it is where I see that Utrecht Art Supplies Store is dark and closed for the good. All the signs are still up around the building though, which gives it an erie ghost like feeling. 

About 4-5 months ago, I learned that Utrecht would be merged into Dick Blick art supply store and the Utrecht I knew would be no more.  You see, Utrecht was not just a art supply store to me, it was a hip, chic, cool, trendy place where artists from all over Philadelphia purchased their art supplies.  Their employees were art students and it had this feel of 'pure art'.  They featured a cork board where artists could post their info, business cards etc.  It was a place to mingle.  Utrecht was the 'it' place to shop in the art world in Philly. Their prices were awesome and they always had what you needed. A lot of their supplies were behind the counter where students artists would assist you with your chosen materials.

Utrecht was not just a art supply store to me but a place where memories were formed and made, a place where my personality was defined and a talent was realized. 

When I first moved to Philly to attend Moore College of Art and Design, Utrecht was the place to go for most art supplies.  I remember when I walked the first time from my dorm room on Cherry Street to Utrecht at 14th and Broad Street with my friend Linda.   It was 17 blocks, seemed so far but well worth the trip.  I realized I was being introduced to a city for the first time in my life.  Utrecht seemed so 'cool' to me back then.  I had never been in an art supply store like it.  Illustration board, Letraset press type, Chartpak press type were the top supplies that I purchased at Utrecht.  Airbrush machine and supplies were 'hot' and drafting tables were 'in'. If you remember that computers had not arrived in to colleges in 1983 and everything was done by hand, from rub down type to colored rub down film that came in such an array of colors that amazed me.  These were the days of Pantone markers for marker renderings to matching colored papers and film were the top materials that we used in school.  Illustration board was the top material to create designs, logos and advertisements to prepare artwork for printing presses.  When I went there I felt like I was in artists heaven!

I loved Utrecht. I loved the materials they carried , the ambience of the store as well as the people that shopped there.  I loved Utrecht for carrying the fabric paint called DEKA (now out of business) when I started painting T-shirts, baby clothes and pillows.  After college, I moved to 17th Street and Spruce and Utrecht was just a couple blocks from my apartment.  I remember the days of carrying home large sheets of illustration board and matte board inside large clear plastic bags.  Some time after I moved to my apartment, Utrecht moved across the street and on the other side of Spruce Street.  I didn't like it as much as the first location, but tried to adjust with the times.  Utrecht always had the paint I used in acrylic and oil.  They had canvases that I really loved.  They’re canvases were weighty and had a strong cross bars in the back for extra support.  The texture of the canvas was great to paint on and after I first began painting, I ordered 10 canvases 30x40 and had them shipped to my home.  The total cost was approx. $180.00 for the 10.  Can you beleive it?  That was $18.00  for one 30x40.  I still have two remaining and I will save them for a special project.

Utrecht is where I found most of my 'bags of tricks' on my blog.  It is where my early college years had formed strung memories of friendship. It is where I learned about walking the city for the first time and where I felt like and learned to live and feel like an artist.  Now Utrecht has formed some sort of partnership with Dick Blick and they have finally left their home on Broad Street and Spruce Street.  Dick Blick is located on 13th and Chestnut Street approx. 4 blocks from Utrecht's former location.  They said that they will still carry Utrechts paint but not their canvases.  I have never used a Dick Blick canvas and I hope they are as good as Utrecht’s.
Utrecht has moved on to a new venture and I will miss it.  I will never forget the memories it created for me.  I will never forget the way it gave me an introduction into the art scene in Philadelphia. and helped me become a professional artist..  Utrecht, like Borders Book Store will be thought of as a happy, welcoming and teaching experience for me.  So, Utrecht I say my goodbyes to you.  Thank you for all the memories and for opening the world to help me live and become an artist. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013


I can hardly belieive that it has been 39 years today Oct 6th that my wonderful Dad passed away. It always feels like it was just yeaterday.  He has been gone almost as long as he lived.  He was only 40 years old and full of life and fun.  To me, my Dad was the best there could be.  Everyone who knew him, knows how special he was.  Approaching this day has been very emotional since my Mom and my Gram have passed away so close together within the last 2 1/2 years.  There has been a lot of sadness around these significant days.  I have been thinking so much about my Dad the past week or so.  He used to appear in my dreams but I haven't had one for sometime now.  I was sharing the dream with a friend in painting class and she responded that this is definitely a sign that there is another side and he was reaching out for us.
I want to share this dream with you... it would go something like this......
My siblings and I are in a 'super market' and we see my Dad in the Produce aisle.  I run up to him sobbing and call to him, "Daddy, Daddy, where have you been?'  He replies,"I've been living in the house across the street ,(my Gram's old house) and I have been watching over you"  "But why did  you leave us"?  Unfortunately, there is no answer because I wake up too soon.  Ahhh...if I could only get an answer.
I tell this dream for everyone who knew my Dad and remembers him, that he is indeed somewhere on a higher plane in the universe or in heaven and one day we will see him again.

I posted some of the very meaningful and emotional photos of us kids and my Dad on our very first vacaction in Niagra Falls, Canada.  I think I was 10 or 11 and my Dad was 36 or 37 years old.  My Dad was so happy because he felt like for the first time we were living like a 'normal' family.  No one knew, not even him that he would tragically leave us at the young age of 40 and we would never be a 'normal' family again.
So for today as everyday, I am missing my Dad and all that could have been had he not left us so soon.
I am missing all that my siblings and I could have been had we finished our childhood years with a father ( and a mother) raising us until we were adults.  I ponder what would have been possible for all of us and what different directions we all might have taken had we had a 'normal' family.? Ahhh... what might or could have been?

Thanks for reading this post.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


'PEACHES AND GREEN'     24x30            oil on canvas                 (c) Loren Fidalgo 2013
Hi, there.  It's Loren.

They are finally in the shop!!  I wanted to let everyone know that I have featured some large abstract 24x 30 paintings in my etsy shop.  Scoop them up if you can.  I am really loving the abstract paintings these days and I hope that they appeal to you too?  These featured on my blog are available in my shop.
You can also check the ABSTRACT page to view larger images of the paintings on etsy.
'PATH TO ENLIGHTENMENT'   24 x30   oil on canvas   (c) Loren Fidalgo 2013

Scroll through the written content for each painting to read up on what inspired me to create each painting, what paint colors I chose as well as the technique I used.  The paintings are painted on the sides so they are ready for hanging.  They have hooks and wire on the back, too!

'JOURNEY TO HOPE'   24x30   oil on canvas   (c) Loren Fidalgo 2013
Take a peek over at my etsy shop.  I will be featuring more paintings in the next week so keep checking back for new listings.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  I am happy to help!

Friday, September 6, 2013


Hi, there. I wanted to share some photos from the Landsdale Art Festival.

I really want to thank my husband Paul and my brother Ken for helping me make the event happen.  They were both an enormous help and without them, I wouldn’t have been able to assemble everything, and carry everything to the show. My husband Paul was so dear and he helped me build the wooden easels, from sawing, drilling and painting them.  He is such a 'gem’.   Ken had his truck, and even so, we were packed solid with easels and boxes of paintings.  Ken was so awesome because he made me easels out of PVC piping and along with the wooden ones I made with my husband, they all looked so great.  The paintings sat on them so nicely and they really allowed them to shine.  He also made me a rack to display my small paintings.

The day was so beautiful nevertheless, when we arrived on the site, it was windy.  It was something that we didn’t expect.  But thanks to my brother and my thinking, we attached some really large white sheets (purchased many years back, preparing for this possible event) to the top of our tent with Ken's nifty plastic ties.  He also attached them to the bottom of the tent legs on two sides.  This really cut down on the wind and it gave the tent a really awesome feel to it when the sun shone in so bright. It had this heavenly, ethereal ambiance to it when the sun was shining in it. It was an unexpected joyful effect.

My friends Rebekah and Nerida also came to show there support.  They got lost on the way to the show so thank goodness they made it there.  They brought me a small birthday cake and a birthday gift.  It was very sweet and I was thankful for having them as my friends.

Well, the day flew by and it seemed that just as how soon we put everything up, we had to take everything down and pack up.  So pack up we did and off to home we went.  Good-bye Landsdale.  See you again next year.

Leave a comment if you would like to comment about what you think about my booth display and the artwork showing.  I'd love to hear what my viewers think about my work, so feel free to comment.


Thursday, June 27, 2013


I have some news to let you in on.  A couple of days ago, I signed up to participate in a contest called the 'Global Talent Search'. It is being sponsored by Lilla Rogers Studio.  (you have to checkout her website  It is very 'cool'). The contest is for one chosen artist to receive 2 years of representation from Lilla Rogers Studio and a whole bunch of art licensing deals.

Although I am feeling a Iittle bit nervous...I know this is a great opportunity that I definitely want to be a part of because the potential is huge.  I am filled with so many emotions ranging from joy, exhilaration to anticipation. I am a little anxious to get started. Only one talented artist will be chosen, so the stakes are high.

Along the way, pursuing licensing has been challenging for me.  Many times I have wanted to throw in the towel but something bigger than me has kept me pursuing my dreams.  Perhaps fate has brought me to this potential opportunity. I have learned to never give up even though things do not look promising.  Never take no for an answer, even if other s are not in my corner. I am learning to hold tight to my dreams and somehow, someway my destiny will reveal itself to me.  I think that licensing is the path I was meant to take.  For some reason, my destiny has led me to this fantastic potential opportunity.  It would be a dream to be represented by Lilla Rogers Studio.

I have to ask myself, "Do I have the talent? Is this the right fit?" All I know is that I am excited for the chance and I am ready to let my creative energies do what they do best.  Create!!

Follow along with me as I journal my day to day experiences and the process of creating new art for this contest.  I am sure it will be fascinating to go through the creative and emotional ups and downs that it will take to make this dream a reality  I will be linking my blog posts to my painting blog, so you are sure to not miss anything.  Stay tuned!

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Center of my table at Art Fair.  New jewelry pendants shown in this photo

Yesterday I exhibited my new jewelry, bookmarks and small paintings in the Artspiration at Fleisher Art Memorial in Philly.  The day was so great and I want to say a big, big, I mean HUGE thanks to my friends who helped me set up and break down.  These friends are the best!  Donna. Sheri,  Nerida and our friend Ken came through big time.  I didn't know how blessed I was until my friends offered to help out with the set up and break down of my extremely elaborate display.  Spending the day with them was awesome all around.  My always fun friend Donna had to leave mid day and go to work after working late Friday night and getting up on Saturday morning so early to help with the set up.  I know she was tired but she didn't say a word about it. That's what makes me love her so much!   
My new line of cartoonish mixed media ladies named 'SWEETIE CURVES TM'
Lampshade displays made with velvet.  I made them myself! They worked like a charm!

Nerida and I in front of table

My friend Donna.  She is just great and funny, too!

We had to put up a not so friendly tent, and amongst the four of us, Donna, Sheri and her friend Lisa, we managed to get the tent up in about 1 hour 15 minutes!  
My dear friend Sheri and I .  She is the best!

Full display of my table and small paintings

My dear friend Sheri had driven in with Lisa from Cherry Hill and helped with the set up and break down.  I was so happy just to see her since we hadn't seen each other in about 8 or so months. Towards the second part of the day, Nerida came to man the fort and she gave me some good tips that I had not thought of.  She drove in and parked somewhat far and walked on over to Fleisher.  I was so happy to see her. She helped with the break down and packed up the car.  Thanks Nerida. Unexpectly, our friend Ken, also pitched in on the break down and boy was he a help taking down the tent and putting all the poles together.  At one point, I quietly and anxiously thought it was going to collapse but Ken seemed to be the forth person we needed to hold the last corner poles up until we took the top off.  Thanks Ken...

Myself in front of my table

I think yesterday's experience brought out the best in all of us and the day running smoothly could not have happened if not for my friends.  It just brought my friendship, faith, trust and belief in them to a higher level. These friends are 'the bomb" and when they need something, you can bet I will be there to help!  They are the best you can ask for.  Anyone that knows me knows I am all about feelings and emotion and when I feel happy I express it and sad I express that too.  Yesterday was a happy, happy day and even though the day was not a business and artistic success, it was a personal success.  I couldn’t ask for anything more.