Saturday, March 18, 2017



'TICKLING OF THE SOUL'         15 x 6 1/2                   acrylic on mat board                (c) Loren Fidalgo 2017
Hey's Loren here.  I have a painting to share from my new on going series 'SEASCAPE HEAVEN'.  The painting is titled ,'TICKLING OF THE SOUL'

I have been hitting around 30 seascapes for ther series so far.  I'm hoping to create about 100 paintings when the series is completed.  I always hope that each painting is a masterpiece LOL but that is not always the way things unfold.  So, I am hoping that at least 90 will make the cut when I am done.

I've been thinking about presentation of each painting however, I am not too sure how I will frame them just yet?  I have been thinking about a frame that is made of 1 x 2's and mitered on the corners 
(sort of like stretcher bars for canvas)  then attaching the painting to the frame. After I will put a thin strip of wood around painting.  I am thinking about painting the wood bright white.  Sounds like it might be a plan!

You can check out my full series on Instagram   https//   There you can see a lot more paintings from my series as well as some random paintings from other series I have been working on.
Thanks for viewing my work

Friday, March 3, 2017


'ROUGH EDGES'         20 x 7 1/2 inches       acrylic on matte board       (c) Loren Fidalgo 2017

Hey's Loren here.  I want to share this new painting with you as well as some updates on my health and the B12 shots I was getting for ?neurological symptoms.

This new painting 'ROUGH EDGES' is one of my favs.  I love the rocky seas and the way the water meets the sky.  These seascapes have been a joy to paint and I 'almost' love everyone of them.  I'm shooting for 100 paintings and I'm at 25 currently.  The process to paint is not very strenuous or labor intensive but it is a thrill to paint nevertheless.  I find a lot of excitement painting these seascapes and I truly feel a calm feeling even though I am furiously getting the paint onto the extra smooth 1/8 inch matte board before it dries up.

'DRAWN INTO THE CENTER'    13 x 6 1/2    acrylic on 1.8 inch matte board          (c) Loren Fidalgo 2017

I want to give a heads up about what is going on with my health and the B12 shots I have been getting for neurological problems I have been having.  You can read more about it here.  Well, so far the B 12 have not been working for me.I'm still shaky and my legs are weak and wobbly  I took a serious fall two weeks ago.  I fell backwards into my glass french doors and broke the glass with my head..  I spent 14 hours in the emergency room with my husband Paul.  I didn't injure anything (no cracks in my head)  and I am not certain if I had a concussion.  I hit my head in the same spot that I hit it about 4 months ago when I fell backwards and hit my head on the cement floor in my porch.
So, I'm still unsure what is causing my legs to become weak and also my arms.  I do have some pinched nerves in my lower back and my neck.  Possibly, the nerves are getting compressed when I am walking or bending and this is causing me to not be able to walk and fall as well?  I still have 3 more months to go with the B12 shots and possibly it will bear fruit..  
Today I saw a woman that is a Phyziatrist.  Yes, that's right a Phyziatrist not a psychiatrist!  Her name is Kate.  She is going to help me get to the bottom of what is causing my pain, numbness and falling.  She also believes it is my pinched nerves.  I'm hoping she will be able to sort through my symptoms and come up with a diagnosis.  I will get an EMG nerve test in two weeks and then I will see her again.  I really have my hopes up with Kate.  She seemed to know what she was talking about and doing.
I will keep you posted.