Sunday, November 20, 2016


Hey's Loren here.  I wanted to share that my show will be up until November 30th if you are interested in seeing it?  Christopher's has great food so a lunch date would be super there  If you are new to my blog site, then I will go over details.   
        Christopher's:A Neighborhood Place  
 335 E. Kings Street
 Malvern, PA  19355
 (610) 568-4127
There is a train stop  MALVERN ,  very close to Christopher's.  It's about 1/4 -1/2 a mile from train stop.  If you can make it, the show looks very beautiful with 16 still life paintings in oil,  all on one high wall and you won't be disappointed.


Reception on Monday evening was very joyful and organizing the rides from Center City Philadelphia, went smoothly.  My instructor John from my painting class at Fleisher Art Memorial and his wife Lynne attended and it was such an honor. They seemed to enjoy themselves and I was grateful.  My bro Ken came all the way from New Jersey shore and I was very happy about that.  He had a lot of fun as I was too.  Also, it seemed like everyone really was having a good time and conversation was nonstop.  We were all carrying on chatting about this and that and then I was subtly coaxed into telling some thing personal and funny about what another male student in his late eighties had said to me in the elevator one day.  Everyone cracked up and I was finding it funny as well.  Normally, I do not talk about personal things in public, but this was too funny to leave on the floor!  Too much to tell on blog, but trust me.  It was hysterical.

I on the other hand had a little bit of a medical crisis. (too embarrassing to tell the gruesome details) however, I will tell that I cut the side of my foot and I could not stop the bleeding. I wound up rigging a pad to go over cut and put tight new white socks on.  The way I fashioned it, it worked to stop the bleeding, however, I could not wear shoes or boots.  So I put on a funky pair of sandals and they looked pathetic but they did what I needed them to do.
By the time I got to Christopher's, the pain went down some and bleeding stopped.  Thank goodness.  Foot is getting better.

Thanks to everyone who came out to reception.  It is heartfelt!

Sunday, November 13, 2016


Hey's Loren here.  Yipppeee...wahhooo and holy moly do I want to share my excitement and thrill about the art reception of my still life oil paintings at Christopher's in Malvern, PA tomorrow night!   I can hardly stand another minute until tomorrow.  I am busting at the seams!!

Words can't express effectively how I much anticipatory enthusiasm and joy I am feeling about my show and gathering with lots of folks tomorrow night  For all of my readers and friends  that can not attend, you will be in my thoughts.  I wish I could share the original paintings with everyone that crosses my path in life. But unfortunately, I can not so I can offer you the opportunity to see them on this site.  Scroll up to tab bar and click on STILL LIFE button and there you can see most of the works that are in the show. 
                              TO DRESS OR NOT TO DRESS!!

Well, for this show I have been noticing that I am pondering much more what to wear and how to present myself.  I finally got the things I needed for my outfit and I have to say I am happy to have found the perfect skirt and blouse for this show  Leggin's as well.   I don't like to over dress because I am always hot and have trouble with too many layers..  Shoes are also always a challenge since I have leg and back problems as I mentioned a couple posts back.  It's hard for me to stand very long especially in one place all night.  So, I have to say that I have my outfit squared away.  Earrings, necklace and purse as well.
                             EXHIBIT PROJECT  YIKES!!!

As usual, I always have a project that I am working on for the people who attend the reception and I am pressed for time.  I hope I can get it done tonight.  My printer is not working right and I think I need to get them printed possibly FEDEX KINKOS.  It is one of my old stomping grounds when I first journeyed into art licensing.  I used to do a lot of my work there because I needed the xerox copier in between changes in my drawings.  Sometimes I worked there until 1:00 a.m. in to the morning!  I got to know the employees there and they stayed out of my way and helped out if I needed.  Well, anyway  My project takes a printer and some time to cut up the project  pieces.  So, if I get it done , that's great.  if not, I won't sweat the small stuff.

Well, I have to run for now to get my project done and also I am visiting with our neighbors.  If you are attending the show, drive safe and I will be happy to see you.  Thanks for reading this post.  I want to say one more time, Wahhooo again!
Cheers,   Loren

Thursday, November 10, 2016


Hey's Loren here.  Just wanted to give a heads up that the reception for my still life paintings  is coming around the corner Monday November 14th 6 pm - 8 pm at 
Christopher's: A Neighborhood Place 335 E. Kings Street Malvern, PA 19335.  Come on by and enjoy some wine and interesting conversations with some fine artists and people who are surely interested in the arts of all kinds.  Writers, musicians, visual artists, painters, illustrators, guitar makers are just some of the areas of art disciplines that will be at the show to chat with about this and that!

The show is open until November 30th if you want to take in a different time to visit the artwork.  You can also view some of the exhibited works here on my site.  Just click on the still life button in the tabs bar.
Hope you can make it to the reception.  Looking forward to seeing and meeting everyone.
See you then.
Cheers, Loren

Saturday, November 5, 2016


Hey's Loren here.  I want to share that my show is in full swing at Christopher's!  Everything went well with the installation on Tuesday and now it is just rockin' the restaurant!   I am so thrilled and at peace that the show is up and I hope it speaks for itself? 

I, however think the exhibit looks pretty awesome if I do say so myself. I have not seen all of my still life paintings in a group and they do look so sweet up on the wall.  I see my vision, my voice and my heart and soul in the exhibit!   It's so exciting and rewarding to see all of my hard work, energy and time really pay off in the end.   I also see the theme of my series and what I had been putting together as a collection or body of work now that I get to see the full series next to each other. The paintings are mostly 24 x 30 and they are oil on canvas.   I didn't think they would look okay on the brick wall however, it doesn't bother me or take away from the work.

The reception and 'meet the artist' is on Monday November 14th 2016 6 pm-8 pm.  The show is at Christopher's: A Neighborhood Place  335 E. Kings Street  Malvern, PA 19335 Come on over and have a glass of wine and chat with some of my artist peeps and some very smart bunch of characters!!  Show is up until November 30th if you can not make the reception. Check out my still life paintings here on the site as well. Just scroll up to tab bar and click on still life tab.  
Thanks for coming,( in advance)!
Cheers, Loren