Friday, July 25, 2014


Hey guys... I wanted to let everyone know that I have set up a new web/blog as an addition to my current blog, so I could have more features to offer to my readers. (you can visit the web/blog here or go up to WEB in the tabs bar)   I also made changes and updates to my painting blog.  It is easier to navigate and smoother getting around.  Come on over and take a peek at the new site and see how well it works.  I am quite happy, as I have set everything up by myself and think I did a pretty good job! 
I am still on Blogger and I realize eventually I will have to move to Wordpress to set up my new ecommerce shop however for now, I am still at the same place.  I have been working on a site on Wordpress and I am finding it very challenging.  I started a template on Wordpress however, it was giving me all kinds of problems.  I also could not find a template that I liked.  I really liked the one I have on Blogger, so I thought I would rework my blog and set up a web/blog that I really was happy with.
Please click around and see how you like this new update.  I am curious to know what you think? I also am curious if you have set up Wordpress and your eperiences with it?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Hey guys... it's Loren...

 After months of changes and decision making, months of uncertainty, I am so excited and some what over joyed to let you know that finally my new series launched on my blog today,! Almost all of the paintings in the series are up on my site.  More will be loaded this week.  Come on over to my
 'BETWEEN FEELINGS' page and check out my new works.
'WHAT PALES IN COMPARISON'    24x30  acrylic on canvas    (c) Loren Fidalgo 2014
"This body of work, 'BETWEEN FEELINGS' is about being in the constant flux of emotions. I am fascinated by how feeling states are moving towards the viewer and then receding leaving the viewer uncertain about which feeling they are experiencing.  My work is about how feelings affect us by paralyzing us or renewing and releasing us.  There is a depth that can be seen as if peeking out from behind a door or wall which leaves the viewer unsure about which emotion they are feeling while trying to make sense of my work."
'LIGHTLY HIDDEN'          24x30       acrylic on canvas       (c) Loren Fidalgo
I painted this entire series with a palette knife.  No brush. I dragged, stroked and moved the paint down with my palette knife on the canvas to create the textured effect.  I call my painting technique, 'expressive mark making'.  It is how I paint on the canvas.

"My purpose for these paintings are to evoke a sense of peace and calm while also commenting on the feelings of being unsettled and uncertain leaving the viewer 'BETWEEN FEELINGS'.  I painted these paintings because I am between my own feelings and emotions."
I hope you enjoy viewing these paintings and I would really love to hear what you have to say about them?  Please feel free to leave comments.  It is greatly appreciated.
*******INQUIRIES... about purchasing a painting, please contact me on 'message me' contact form in the left sidebar. I am happy to help.   Thank you***********.