Saturday, February 4, 2017


Hey's Loren here.  I want to share some new seascapes with you and more of my thoughts on why I paint and how I paint these pieces.

'THE SKIES ARE LIT FROM BEHIND'    9 x16  acrylic on matte board
(c) Loren Fidalgo 2017
'FROM WATER I COME, TO WATER I GO'  30 x 24  acrylic on canvas
(c) Loren Fidalgo 2017
Well, I think I am in seascape heaven!  I've been wortking on these blue and white seascapes and really enjoying the process.  I am painting on 1/8 inch matte board and love love the surface.  The paint glides effortlessly across the matte board.  Since the board is so smooth, the paint is easy to blend on the surface.  Since the blending with a brush is so quick, it does pose some problems with timing.  I have to time the drying of the paint so I spread it over the entire surface while the paint is super wet.  If I even pause for more than a few seconds, the paint begins to dry and I can't move it on the board.  It's kind of fun to challenge myself to get the paint on the board, pick up some water and get back on the board in a matter of seconds to spread it back and forth.  I like to see how well I can acheive my desired effect.

'WRETCHED SKY'  17 3/4 x 8 5/8  acrylic on  1/8 inch matte board
(c) Loren Fidalgo 2017
This palette I am using in blue and white is such a dramatic change from my usual colorful paintings. I never thought I would be painting in just one color, monochromatic.  It does have some benefits to paint in just shades of blue.  I don't have the decisive problem of choosing the colors I want to use on each painting!  Not that it's a negative thing to choose colors.  Actually, that's fun but it does allow time to think about the process of painting and how to approach moving the paint around.  It is less mental energy and if you need more of it, paint monochromatic!

'ICY COLD HEART'     17 1/2 x 8 5/8  acrylic on matte board
(c) Loren Fidalgo 2107
Well, my husband Paul says to write about how I don't know why I paint seascapes since I am afriad of the sea. I'm terrified of water and I don't like boating. I am also afraid to go out on a cruise. I don't know how to swim and any water hole is a danger over 2 inches high.  Actually, I live in an apartment a block from the beach twice when I was in my late teens and early twenties!  I really enjoyed being by the beach. When I was a teenager I had a best friend.  Her name was Mary and we would hang at the beach every weekend while we were in high school. We would head over to Seaside Heights in the morning and wouldn't leave until late afternoon.  I loved being by the water then.  But some time later in my life, I developed a fear of water.  Go figure!

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