Saturday, March 18, 2017



'TICKLING OF THE SOUL'         15 x 6 1/2                   acrylic on mat board                (c) Loren Fidalgo 2017
Hey's Loren here.  I have a painting to share from my new on going series 'SEASCAPE HEAVEN'.  The painting is titled ,'TICKLING OF THE SOUL'

I have been hitting around 30 seascapes for ther series so far.  I'm hoping to create about 100 paintings when the series is completed.  I always hope that each painting is a masterpiece LOL but that is not always the way things unfold.  So, I am hoping that at least 90 will make the cut when I am done.

I've been thinking about presentation of each painting however, I am not too sure how I will frame them just yet?  I have been thinking about a frame that is made of 1 x 2's and mitered on the corners 
(sort of like stretcher bars for canvas)  then attaching the painting to the frame. After I will put a thin strip of wood around painting.  I am thinking about painting the wood bright white.  Sounds like it might be a plan!

You can check out my full series on Instagram   https//   There you can see a lot more paintings from my series as well as some random paintings from other series I have been working on.
Thanks for viewing my work

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