Saturday, August 6, 2011


(c) Loren Fidalgo 2009
I want to tell you about the awesome time I had last night.  I went with my friend Donna to First Friday in Olde City, Philadelphia, PA.  First Friday is an event where galleries and artists will stay out until dark on the first Friday of each month.  Lots of people come from all over to attend this event to view and purchase great artwork.  Although the galleries stay open late, sometimes it is the artists that are are exhibiting on the sidewalk with their art and crafts, that are the most interesting.  The selection of art last night was exceptionally great and my friend Donna and I met some really unique artists.  We met one guy who was exhibiting mixed media paintings and somewhat of a collage technique  (when I get approval, I will try to post some images of his and a link to his website).

This artist does his mixed media work on masonite and canvas and then seals them in resin to capture the delightful fantasy design.  He was so gracious to talk with Donna and I about his work and his studio as well as offering some insight into how he creates his work.  He also let us in on a tiny secret about how and where he gets his prints made. So cool of him! He lives close to the Jersey Shore, about 20 minutes from my home town. So, we immediately shared a connection.  Beach people love other beach people.   His studio and gallery are in the same town as my niece, so when I am down that way I am going to stop in to see his studio with my niece or brother.  (he had some totally creative art pieces and I'd love to share them with you, when he says "go".

Donna and I enjoyed ourselves so much and I have to express how INSPIRED and MOTIVATED I felt.  I was motivated before, but this event pushed it up to the next level.  Viewing all the ranges of art in the galleries and on the sidewalk was such a creative boost for both of us.  I realized that I need to go out to these events more and let inspiration tap into all the art that's out there for me to absorb.

My friend Donna and I had our first night out as firends since we met in watercolor class three years ago.  We became instant friends and it's funny because we look alike and are about the same height.  We've taken some painting classes after watercolor class and we really have a great time in class.  We've both been saying that we want to get together out of class and attend First Friday and also, go out and paint some landscapes. So, we finally hooked up and had a fun time.

If you are an artist and live near Philadelphia, stop by First Frtiday, especially when the weather is nice. You will be inspired and excited about getting up your easel or desk and start painting.
(c) Loren Fidalgo 2009
This is one of my favorite oil paintings I've done since I started painting.  I hope you enjoy it too?  Keep checking back for more of my paintings.

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