Sunday, June 9, 2013


Center of my table at Art Fair.  New jewelry pendants shown in this photo

Yesterday I exhibited my new jewelry, bookmarks and small paintings in the Artspiration at Fleisher Art Memorial in Philly.  The day was so great and I want to say a big, big, I mean HUGE thanks to my friends who helped me set up and break down.  These friends are the best!  Donna. Sheri,  Nerida and our friend Ken came through big time.  I didn't know how blessed I was until my friends offered to help out with the set up and break down of my extremely elaborate display.  Spending the day with them was awesome all around.  My always fun friend Donna had to leave mid day and go to work after working late Friday night and getting up on Saturday morning so early to help with the set up.  I know she was tired but she didn't say a word about it. That's what makes me love her so much!   
My new line of cartoonish mixed media ladies named 'SWEETIE CURVES TM'
Lampshade displays made with velvet.  I made them myself! They worked like a charm!

Nerida and I in front of table

My friend Donna.  She is just great and funny, too!

We had to put up a not so friendly tent, and amongst the four of us, Donna, Sheri and her friend Lisa, we managed to get the tent up in about 1 hour 15 minutes!  
My dear friend Sheri and I .  She is the best!

Full display of my table and small paintings

My dear friend Sheri had driven in with Lisa from Cherry Hill and helped with the set up and break down.  I was so happy just to see her since we hadn't seen each other in about 8 or so months. Towards the second part of the day, Nerida came to man the fort and she gave me some good tips that I had not thought of.  She drove in and parked somewhat far and walked on over to Fleisher.  I was so happy to see her. She helped with the break down and packed up the car.  Thanks Nerida. Unexpectly, our friend Ken, also pitched in on the break down and boy was he a help taking down the tent and putting all the poles together.  At one point, I quietly and anxiously thought it was going to collapse but Ken seemed to be the forth person we needed to hold the last corner poles up until we took the top off.  Thanks Ken...

Myself in front of my table

I think yesterday's experience brought out the best in all of us and the day running smoothly could not have happened if not for my friends.  It just brought my friendship, faith, trust and belief in them to a higher level. These friends are 'the bomb" and when they need something, you can bet I will be there to help!  They are the best you can ask for.  Anyone that knows me knows I am all about feelings and emotion and when I feel happy I express it and sad I express that too.  Yesterday was a happy, happy day and even though the day was not a business and artistic success, it was a personal success.  I couldn’t ask for anything more.


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