Monday, May 27, 2013


Hi there.  I wanted to give you a peek at my new logo and business card design.  I am so excited to have finally completed it and it is ready to be given out to the world!

I wanted this card design to coordinate with my blog, my Facebook site and my etsy shop, so I used the same painting that is on my etsy banner and my Facebook cover page.

The cards fold in half and I decided to print them myself so I could create them with a fold and blank inside.  The inside is white and is for jotting down notes and info. that someone might want to remember.  Possibly, the might want to jot down a painting that they liked or wanted to purchase. (that would be an awesome use of my card)!
The front of the card has my new logo and very little type. I wanted to keep it simple since the painting is detailed.  On the back, I added my blog address, etsy shop, email and Facebook site. Lots of information.  Now with social media and the internet there is so much info to put on one little card.

Back in the day, when I first designed my logo and business cards and letterhead stationery, there wasn’t as much info to fit on a small card.  I have been trying to track down a copy of my first card and logo, but no luck yet.  When I do, I will post it on my blog.  You will get a glimpse of where I was at at that time and where I am now.

Thanks for looking at my business card design and new logo.  Please feel free to leave feedback, it’s greatly appreciated.!

Live life!


  1. good to see these information nice work done!! business cards design thanks for sharing...

    1. Hi, James. You left a comment on my blog, looks like back in September however I just learned how to get my comments. UGHHH!!! So, I'd like to thank you for commenting. Thanks for taking interest in my art. Are you an artist?