Friday, September 6, 2013


Hi, there. I wanted to share some photos from the Landsdale Art Festival.

I really want to thank my husband Paul and my brother Ken for helping me make the event happen.  They were both an enormous help and without them, I wouldn’t have been able to assemble everything, and carry everything to the show. My husband Paul was so dear and he helped me build the wooden easels, from sawing, drilling and painting them.  He is such a 'gem’.   Ken had his truck, and even so, we were packed solid with easels and boxes of paintings.  Ken was so awesome because he made me easels out of PVC piping and along with the wooden ones I made with my husband, they all looked so great.  The paintings sat on them so nicely and they really allowed them to shine.  He also made me a rack to display my small paintings.

The day was so beautiful nevertheless, when we arrived on the site, it was windy.  It was something that we didn’t expect.  But thanks to my brother and my thinking, we attached some really large white sheets (purchased many years back, preparing for this possible event) to the top of our tent with Ken's nifty plastic ties.  He also attached them to the bottom of the tent legs on two sides.  This really cut down on the wind and it gave the tent a really awesome feel to it when the sun shone in so bright. It had this heavenly, ethereal ambiance to it when the sun was shining in it. It was an unexpected joyful effect.

My friends Rebekah and Nerida also came to show there support.  They got lost on the way to the show so thank goodness they made it there.  They brought me a small birthday cake and a birthday gift.  It was very sweet and I was thankful for having them as my friends.

Well, the day flew by and it seemed that just as how soon we put everything up, we had to take everything down and pack up.  So pack up we did and off to home we went.  Good-bye Landsdale.  See you again next year.

Leave a comment if you would like to comment about what you think about my booth display and the artwork showing.  I'd love to hear what my viewers think about my work, so feel free to comment.


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