Monday, November 4, 2013


Hey's time for a 'on my easel' painting to be featured on my blog.  This is where I share with you the how's and why's of how I paint my paintings.

This posts painting is titled,  'The bombs bursting in air 9 11'.  This painting is 24x30 and oil on canvas.

The Bombs bursting in air  9 11    2013        oil on canvas   24x30       (c) Loren Fidalgo
When I first began this painting, it was totally abstract and there were no recognizeable images.  As I was making the curve on the left side and making the circle below it, I began to see a face on the canvas looking back at me through the palette knife marks I had made..   I decided to try to reveal what was beneath the marks and realized the face looked like myself.  It was becoming a self portrait of sorts and I knew I felt that I needed to follow the image and see where it led me.  After I unearthed the portrait, I began to see that the image was weeping with blood red tears below her left eye.  I stroked the paint down from the face with a palette knife and the tears just poured out of it's eyes.  I was not sure what was happening with the painting. I also started to recognize long painted strokes that seemed to be shooting out of the forehead of the face that resembled The Statue of Liberty which was weeping with tears pouring out from her eyes.  Then out of somewhere in my consciousness, I recognized the tall building in the background where I had stenciled some square patterned shapes on the surface, It looked as if there were fire and smoke coming out of the stenciled windows. I knew that was not an abstract painting any longer. The painting began to open itself up to me as The Statue of Liberty weeping as the towers burned and then ultimately fell to the ground.  You can say that this was not a 'happy' painting.
I was also stunned at what I had created on the canvas.  It was not planned nor was it intentional.  It just flowed out of my hand and brush and onto the canvas without consciously thinking about it.  If you might ask," how did I really create this experience in this painting"?  I can only tell you, "I do not know" What I do know is that something was channeling through me about the horror and sadness of that day 9 11 and it appeared on my painting. I was just the vechile and I had to paint it on the canvas.

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