Friday, November 8, 2013


'The Cross Of Life'   
Hello guys... just a heads up that there are more 'Petite Painting' necklaces recently featured in my etsy shop  What are 'Petite Paintings'?  They are miniature, petite fine art oil paintings that you can wear as art.  Each necklace has it's own unique title.  They are sealed with 3 coats of a durable sealer and then sealed with 2 coats gloss polyurethane.
'Figures Engaged'

If you are looking for a unique gift for Christmas, these necklaces will definitely fit the bill.  The price for these necklaces are only $20.00 each and they will surely be a interesting gift for someone who likes unique, innovative and clever things.  These will also be great for the creative person who loves to be a 'stand out' or simply wants to make a statement.  If you wear this necklace people will make comments like "What is that?" and Where did you get that necklace?"   
'Green Shadow'

Just a note:  If you would like to purchase a necklace, I offer gift boxes along with the display card that accompanies the necklace.  The display card has all important information and it makes it easy to wrap up if you prefer to not use a gift box.  They can be wiped clean however, they should not be submerged into water or worn in the shower. 
'On My Way'
I will be listing more necklaces before Christmas so keep checking back on etsy to see what is new.  Click on over to etsy and have a peek
'Distressed Experience'

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