Saturday, October 22, 2016


Hey guys... it's Loren here.  I wanted to share with everyone that I am having a show at Christopher's Restaurant: A Neighborhood Place. The show runs from Nov 1st to Nov 30th.  The reception (meet the artist) will be on November 14th Monday  from 6 pm to 8 pm The show will feature my still lives and I am so excited about this body of work.  There will be 19 paintings .  Most are 24 x 30's and some 18 x 24's.  I can't wait until the show and I am so thrilled to be having my still live paintings on exhibit.

My still lives are chock full of jumbo vases and chunky bowls of fruit as well as some interesting objects like a rocking horse (see above) country hat and wine glasses and bottles..  Lot's of bright colors and some textures are worked into these still lives.

Come on over to Christopher's for the reception to chat with me and my peeps about everything from art to music to science and the most provocative topic...  politics!
Hope to see you there.  

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