Monday, January 16, 2017


'WHAT GOES ON AND ON'   12 5/8 x 3 1/2  acrylic on 1/8 inch matte board  (c) Loren Fidalgo 2016

'STILL WATERS'      7 x 5        acrylic on matte board      (c) Loren Fidalgo 2016

                    SEASCAPES ARE ALL ABOUT 'TIME'
I am lovin' the process of painting these seascapes on 1/8 inch matte board.  The paint just glides across the surface and it lends itself to my process and technique perfectly.   Lately, I have been obsessed with time again .  Time passing, time ahead, time past and how much time is left.  These seascapes really let me get into the physical expression and energy as I try to put my message down on the board as quickly as I can so the paint does not dry before I've made my mark.   These seascapes are all about time in every way I can think of.        Time, time, time it's all about time.
Some fun news...I've been developing the beginnings of a wonderful friendship with a woman I've met at Fleisher Art Memorial.  Her name is Nina.  She is a fellow painter   (Abstract Expressionist).  Nina started painting at age 60 and is rocking the painting to the ma!.  You can see her work on her site    Her work is super and I think you will love it especially if you love abstract paintings.  We've been sharing information, tips and leads to help what I call 'our painting business'.  Nina had two pieces exhibited in Philadelphia at a studio/gallery industrial building for artists.  Her pieces looked great on the wall among about 60 other artists.  Nina, you go girl!!!
Cheers my friends,

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