Thursday, November 10, 2011


(c) Loren Fidalgo 2010

This is one of my favorite paintings and I wanted to share it with you, here on my blog.   I really love the colors and the images of the ladies lips and the single flower.  It is quite a large painting 30 x40 and is really dynamic when viewed in person. The title, ‘THE FEAR OF CHOOSING’, really reflects an inner struggle that I often feel, when faced with too many choices.

Have you ever had THE FEAR OF CHOOSING?  I know I have the fear in some areas of my life. Well, how great is the feeling when I finally do choose something and I feel like my mind is uncluttered and the struggle has ceased?  I love when I am at a crossroads with a decision and I finally feel that internal push over the fence and then BANG!... the decision or choice is made.

One way I have recently been trying to attack making creative choices and decisions is to carry a small pad of paper, with a small little pen. Whenever I am overloaded with intense creative ideas or choices, I try to write them down in the pad.  I write down the pros and cons and ask myself, "how is choosing one decision over another, going to improve my life or get me where I want to go?" If it doesn't fit with my goals, I realize I have to let it go. After, just listing these points by writing them down, I am seeing that I really feel as sense of peace and less blogged (hee, hee) down.  Also, after writing down my options, I can put the pad away and let ideas settle in my mind for a while.  After I get away from it for some time, the choice sometimes reveals itself.  I have also been using this method with images, painting ideas and inventive kind of things that are stirring in my mind. I sketch them out and then I can see where I want to go and what ideas to abandon.  I can more clearly see my direction and whether something is a good choice or not.  But I think the act of choosing might be a much more simpler one.

Once, I realize that there is no perfect choice, it makes my choosing much easier.  It’s just the fear of making the choice that is the struggle. Deciding on something can be challenging as it is some times for me, but it can be done by realizing that there are many good and great ways to do some thing.  Choosing can be such a personal thing because our decisions are backed up by all this history about ourselves. This history is stored in our brains all out lives. What might be the right choice for me, may not be the right choice for you.  I think for me it is overcoming some fear I have at times to abandon my fear and go for it..  I am choosing in my life to let things happen and to ‘just choose’.


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