Sunday, November 13, 2011


(c) Loren Fidalgo 2009

This is one of my favorite paintings because I love the different angles and the subject matter. I am also smitten with the colors.  It's a 24 x 30 size painting.  I like to use this size for class paintings and sometimes when I am painting on my own.  The title, 'The Simple Disguise' is somewhat of a mystery to this painting.

I remember when I was beginning to paint this piece and I was really charged up and looking to seriously express something.  I just didn't know what.  At the moment that I put the paint to the scary white canvas, I was a woman on a mission, a rebel without a cause ( can a woman be a rebel, I'm not sure?) but anyhow, as I worked the paint around, I found my groove. I became aware to the idea that I was able to make a bunch of sense from the nonsense I was feeling.  This painting asks you to look closely at it and it just might help answer it's meaning.  I don’t like to talk about the deeper meaning to my work and how it reflects my secret world or life, as we all don’t.  So, you won’t find the answer to the exact meaning of this painting, however, since I am talking about nonsense, it brings me back to the title of this painting, 'The Simple Disguise'.  It is such a topic of conversation for people who view this work. "What does it mean"?  But the curiosity is not whether I have a simple disguise or if you might have one?  It’s about why we have one?  I have come to believe that we all do but in different ways.  I am reminded of a song by Bruce Springsteen titled, ‘The Brilliant Disguise’.  His lyrics in this song speak to me and make me think about the public face and the private face that we all might have.  Again, do all of us really have a disguise?  I'm not so sure how many of us do, but I'll bet that it is more common than people believe or will admit.  And as for my disguise, keep looking because it might reveal itself to you when you are not expecting it to.  But for now, I think it is something for me to think about and to ponder, as I always do. I search for the simple disguise in myself often and try to figure out how it does it's thing in my life. How about your disguise and it's purpose in your life? 


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