Sunday, May 26, 2013


Rebecca and Neurida

It's 5:00 in the morning and I am still up!  I am thinking about all that happened yesterday and I am reflecting about the wonderful day I had and how I shared it with two really great friends, Rebecca and Neurida.  We planned a day of painting outdoors at my home. First time doing this.  Well, the weather was great, however there was too much wind so we decided to take it in indoors. The three of us moved my wicker furniture and porch stuff out of the way, in the corner.  We opened a big table, Rebecca selected her zone with a table top easel (love those!).  Neurida selected the other corner of the table for her palette of paint, and I fit so nicely with my easel into the corner of the porch. We were packed in, almost too close for comfort,however none of us cared.  It was thankfully just right. I opened all the shutter doors on the windows and let the beautiful light in. We were all comfortable in our zones and we began painting and talking and painting and chatting and then some more painting and discussing and on we went.  The conversation was effortless and so meaningful. I don't remember when I had such great conversation with my friends. When Rebecca and Neurida had to head back to center city Philly, we were all disappointed that the day had to end.  They both shared that they had an awesome time and we had to do it again really, really soon!

When my friends left I found myself still full of energy and inspiration.  I continued to paint in the porch and as I put the brush to the canvas, my mind started to expand and I had a revelation.  I decided then that I wanted to move my studio out of the dining room and into the porch. This was big.  I mean really big. A bridge was being crossed, meaningless thoughts were becoming a plan and I was elated. The porch was always out of my option range. When my husband Paul came home, I told him that I was joyful and happy and I would like to move my zone into the porch.  He was skeptical at first but then he saw all the benefits, such as reclaiming our dining room!  Here the porch was there all along just waiting for me to see it for what it is and it's potential. I was not able to see the benefits to using the space to my advantage. I was closed off to seeing the possibilities. Having my friends over to my home to paint and talk about the 'human condition' as I call it, was the best thing I have done for my soul personally and creatively in more years than I can express here and now.  A door was opened yesterday for me and I walked through it. I opened my heart and let the light in.  I felt like I was in heaven!

NEURIDA's painting-------REBECCA'S painting--------MY abstract painting
See the wicker furniture in the background!!!  Close quarters.
Thank you to my friends Rebecca and Neurida for helping me to see the person I am becoming and the person I hope to be.  Even more, thanks for reawakening the person I used to be. Mostly thank you for trusting in me to share your heart and souls. I love you guys!

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