Thursday, May 16, 2013


Hey, guys it's time for a post about a new painting. It's long over due.  This time I had a lot of trouble deciding what to write about mainly because I have so many paintings that I've done in various mediums and techniques, that I was not quite sure what I should tackle first. I am somewhat stuck. I am tossing back and forth with what paintings I have listed in my etsy shop and on Facebook.  Since I began painting before I began this blog, I have a lot of work to talk about.
In the past year I have been working mainly on abstract experimental painting and still life paintings.  I like to work on both because it keeps my skills up and I am constantly learning new things.  I also find new ways to manipulate the paint and brushes.  I think I am getting better but hey, who am I to judge?
I'll let you be the judge.
Well, let's talk about this new painting...

                                   'HEADING TOWARDS THE LIGHT'
'Heading towards the light'                       24 x 30                       oil on canvas              Loren Fidalgo
Just recently, I sold this painting, YEAH!!! and I would like to talk about it before it leaves it's current home.  The title of this painting is 'Heading towards the light'.  It is 24 x 30 and oil on canvas.  I really love the 24 x 30 size canvas to paint on.

I began this painting shortly after I began painting abstract back in the beginning of 2012. I think it was my 3rd or 4th painting.  I still felt new to abstract and unsure of my direction when I stumbled upon this painting style.

I began this painting using oil paint and by laying down blocks of color in Cerealean Blue and Ultramarine Blue squares in the bottom left hand corner using a palette knife.  I used various shades of these colors next to each other.  I dragged the paint around the canvas and dropped the palette knife down on the canvas where I decided the colors should go.  To merge colors, I dragged the color to the left side into the color in the right side with the flat part of the knife.  I used a lot of Alizarin Crimson as the dominate color around the canvas and especially on the top.  The Crimson color worked it's way into the shape that is painted in a curve.  This is a contrast to the square/ blocks of color.  The curve in Crimson sort of tucks you into the yellow areas of light almost like it is hovering over the yellows like a archway to a bridge or some kind of animal pulling your eyes into the painting.

There are two areas of light, in the blues on the bottom and in the yellows on the middle right side.  The Cadmium Yellow really brings your eye in to it and it looks as if you are heading towards the light starting at the bottom left corner of blues and moving up into the yellows.  In some ways. it reminds me of a landscape sunset with water on the bottom. Do you see it??

Although there are many colors in this painting, when I look at it, I see Crimsons and Yellows.  The other colors kind of recede for me.  They are secondary.  I wanted to show the interaction between many colors all grouped together on one surface.  I had a vision in my mind and at the same time I wanted to just let the colors flow out of me.  I didn't want to judge it while I was painting.  The title came to me right away and I knew what I wanted to say with it.

Well, I have to say "good-bye" to this piece as it will be leaving me soon.  I know it will go in an  awesome home, so I am so happy about that. I created another painting like this one.  I will feature it somewhere down the road.   Leave a comment if you would like to share something about this painting or my work in general.  I love to hear from my readers.

Live life!

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