Saturday, February 8, 2014


Hey guys... new abstract paintings are on their way to a series called 'WEEPING'.  I can only reveal a littler bit about them until they are completed.  I want to show them all together, as they should be seen together.
'WEEPING #1' 24x30  acrylic on canvas  2014 by Loren Fidalgo
small section from larger painting
My style is evolving and really changing from series to series and medium to medium.  This new series 'WEEPING' is created solely with a palette knife and painted in acrylic paint. Most pieces are on gallery wrapped canvas.  Lately, I am hooked on acrylic paint and loving how it dries so quickly. I am able to get lots of texture with the acrylic paint and unlike oils, I am able to work fast and furiously.  This way, I can get my emotion out onto the canvas in a short time.  This is not saying that I dislike oils, by no means is this the case.  I love oils, as well.  I love the look and feel of oils and how they blend together and move on the canvas, however right now, I am in love with these acrylic paintings I am working on.  I think I will be switching back and forth from oils to acrylics and back to oils in the future.

"WEEPING #2' 24x30  acrylic on canvas  2014
by (c) Loren Fidalgo
small section of larger painting
I have a lot of ideas for the new series that will come after the 'WEEPING' series and I am so excited for what the future holds for my work.  My studio is almost together (the one I turned from a porch) and I am so eager to get in there and create these new paintings.  Currently, I am still painting in the dining room/studio and it's not very inspiring, so I can't wait to get in my new studio  I would like to say to this new studio,...  "porch/ studio, I am looking forward to working in you and all that you have to offer for me.  I am anticipating all that will be created in your environment that is conducive for creating. I am so thrilled to have this new environment for me to rediscover myself both personally and creatively.  I am all in"!

Check back for the reveal of the 'WEEPING' series on this blog and for sale in my ETSY shop.  Please feel free to leave a comment or question if you would like to.  I  love hearing from my readers.


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