Sunday, November 23, 2014


Hey's that time of year again and you know what that means...?  It's time for the Annual Friends and Family Christmas Card Design.  Every year I come up with a new design to send out at Christmas time.  (You can read more about it on my licensing blog here).  The pressure is always on to create a design that is better then the previous year's before it.  I have done some pretty elaborate designs, such as mobiles, pop-up cards, tin snowmen, holiday house pop ups and even the one I did two years ago that was to be sent to Santa and said in the inside to' just send cash'!   One family member actually sent cash!!  Well,  every year I say I am not going to be able to get one done because in the winter I get down in my mood and the darkness overcomes me.  But in the end, I have managed to get the card designs completed and on time, if only a day or two before the deadline.   I hunker down for 2-3 days and cut, paste, glue and fold over 40 cards and the receivers are always waiting for the card to arrive.

Last year's 2013 Annual Christmas Card
'All Balled Up Snowman'
2013 Christmas Card Design hanging in a row

Last year's 2013 card was said to be the best I've created according to my family and especially my brother Ken(see in photo).  So, this year's has to be even better than that.  I think I have an idea to go with, but not certain yet if it is my final choice.  All of my family, saves the cards I send each year and it is neat to go back and look at how they evolved over the years.  Ken says that he knows it's time to celebrate Christmas when he receives the card, just like the windows being unvailed at the Macy's in New Youk City. The designs definitely have gotten more complicated and detailed.  The stress around the holidays for me is getting the design worked out and getting them finished in time to send out.  It's not just a project I take's a mission.  Yes, I am a woman creator on a mission!

2013 Annual Christmas Card
'All Balled Up Snowman"
This year's design will be posted after I complete it and after everyone has received it in the mail. Then I will discuss how and why I created it.  It's always fun to look into the how's and whys of an idea.  Possibly, one of my favorite things to do next to coming up with the idea itself.  So, stay tuned and be sure to check back to see the progress I am making on the design.

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