Sunday, November 20, 2016


Hey's Loren here.  I wanted to share that my show will be up until November 30th if you are interested in seeing it?  Christopher's has great food so a lunch date would be super there  If you are new to my blog site, then I will go over details.   
        Christopher's:A Neighborhood Place  
 335 E. Kings Street
 Malvern, PA  19355
 (610) 568-4127
There is a train stop  MALVERN ,  very close to Christopher's.  It's about 1/4 -1/2 a mile from train stop.  If you can make it, the show looks very beautiful with 16 still life paintings in oil,  all on one high wall and you won't be disappointed.


Reception on Monday evening was very joyful and organizing the rides from Center City Philadelphia, went smoothly.  My instructor John from my painting class at Fleisher Art Memorial and his wife Lynne attended and it was such an honor. They seemed to enjoy themselves and I was grateful.  My bro Ken came all the way from New Jersey shore and I was very happy about that.  He had a lot of fun as I was too.  Also, it seemed like everyone really was having a good time and conversation was nonstop.  We were all carrying on chatting about this and that and then I was subtly coaxed into telling some thing personal and funny about what another male student in his late eighties had said to me in the elevator one day.  Everyone cracked up and I was finding it funny as well.  Normally, I do not talk about personal things in public, but this was too funny to leave on the floor!  Too much to tell on blog, but trust me.  It was hysterical.

I on the other hand had a little bit of a medical crisis. (too embarrassing to tell the gruesome details) however, I will tell that I cut the side of my foot and I could not stop the bleeding. I wound up rigging a pad to go over cut and put tight new white socks on.  The way I fashioned it, it worked to stop the bleeding, however, I could not wear shoes or boots.  So I put on a funky pair of sandals and they looked pathetic but they did what I needed them to do.
By the time I got to Christopher's, the pain went down some and bleeding stopped.  Thank goodness.  Foot is getting better.

Thanks to everyone who came out to reception.  It is heartfelt!

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