Saturday, November 5, 2016


Hey's Loren here.  I want to share that my show is in full swing at Christopher's!  Everything went well with the installation on Tuesday and now it is just rockin' the restaurant!   I am so thrilled and at peace that the show is up and I hope it speaks for itself? 

I, however think the exhibit looks pretty awesome if I do say so myself. I have not seen all of my still life paintings in a group and they do look so sweet up on the wall.  I see my vision, my voice and my heart and soul in the exhibit!   It's so exciting and rewarding to see all of my hard work, energy and time really pay off in the end.   I also see the theme of my series and what I had been putting together as a collection or body of work now that I get to see the full series next to each other. The paintings are mostly 24 x 30 and they are oil on canvas.   I didn't think they would look okay on the brick wall however, it doesn't bother me or take away from the work.

The reception and 'meet the artist' is on Monday November 14th 2016 6 pm-8 pm.  The show is at Christopher's: A Neighborhood Place  335 E. Kings Street  Malvern, PA 19335 Come on over and have a glass of wine and chat with some of my artist peeps and some very smart bunch of characters!!  Show is up until November 30th if you can not make the reception. Check out my still life paintings here on the site as well. Just scroll up to tab bar and click on still life tab.  
Thanks for coming,( in advance)!
Cheers, Loren

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